The Arab British Chamber of Commerce
غـرفـة الـتـجـارة الـعـربـيـة الـبـريطـانـيـة


About the ABCC

The Arab-British Chamber of Commerce is a not-for profit membership organisation established in 1975 under the General Union of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture for the Arab Countries.

The Chamber has a unique function in the promotion of bilateral trade and investment between Britain and the Arab countries. To achieve this, we work in close co-operation with government ministries, official trade and investment bodies, Arab diplomatic missions in London, the British Chambers of Commerce, the League of Arab States, leading Arab businesses and Chambers of Commerce in the Arab world.


Friendship Through Trade
الــتــجــارة طــريــق الــصــداقــة

The Chamber has a proud record of service in the promotion of Arab-British trade and bilateral cooperation. Over the decades its reputation for reliable and efficient service has grown considerably as the Chamber has been able to make a major contribution towards the strengthening of Arab-British trade and economic relations. The Chamber remains committed to the aspirations that are summed up in its founding principle encapsulated in its motto “friendship through trade”.

Over the years the Chamber’s reputation has enormously increased and it is now the leading business support organisation in the UK for the promotion of Arab British trade and advancement of commercial relations. The Chamber’s work has been significantly eased and enhanced by its close co-operation with Arab businesses and official Arab bodies, particularly the League of Arab States and its specialised agencies, the Arab diplomatic missions located in London, the Chambers of Commerce in existence throughout the Arab world at a federal, national and local level, as well as other Arab-Foreign chambers.


Our mission is to be the business partner of choice for all companies looking to make the most of the opportunities that emerge from the thriving bilateral trade and commercial relationship enjoyed by Britain and the Arab World.

It is our belief that Arab-British cooperation has the potential to unlock substantial commercial opportunities. It is because of this vision that our mission is to assist businesses in their efforts to maximise the potential earnings in these regions by offering services that are crucial to conducting business in the Arab and British markets.


  • Promoting the benefits of corporate membership
  • Improving our unique Export Documentation Service
  • Delivering fast and accurate translation of technical and business documents
  • Delivering a fast track business visa service
  • Drawing the attention of businesses to new and emerging opportunities
  • Hosting conferences, forums, seminars and business roundtables
  • Facilitating trade missions and networking


Outline of the Main Events in the Chamber’s History

  • Foundation

    The Arab British Chamber of Commerce first emerges with the historic decision to create Joint Chambers of Commerce taken by the Economic Council of the League of Arab States in the early seventies. This led to the decision by the Arab Governments to set up the Chamber under a decree of the League of Arab States which gave it a mandate to: ‘promote, encourage and facilitate bilateral trade.’ This was followed by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) formally granting the Chamber a licence to operate on 10 January 1975.

  • First CEO

    The Chamber was officially founded by incorporation and registration on 6 February 1975, with the status of a non political and non-profit making company, and the first Board of Directors was elected. Mr Abdul Karim Al-Mudaris was appointed its first Secretary General and remained in post for nearly 30 years.

  • Arab British Certificate of Origin

    In October 1976 the Chamber began issuing Certificates of Origin for goods exported from Britain to Arab countries, after securing a licence from the DTI. The form of the Certificates of Origin was designed in consultation with the DTI and in conformity with international standards. The Chamber’s Certificate of Origin was recognised by all Arab countries as an official document to be completed and certified by the Chamber and legalised by Arab consular authorities accredited in the UK.

  • Sir Richard Beaumont

    In 1980, the distinguished diplomat Sir Richard Beaumont assumed the Chairmanship of the Chamber and the Board was composed of 40 leading Arab and British business executives, officials, bankers and industrialists. A new departmental structure was put in place, reflecting the numerous functions of the Chamber and administered by highly qualified Arab and British staff.

  • First Annual Trade Directory

    In 1981 the Chamber launched its first Annual Trade Directory, published in both Arabic and English, containing detailed economic surveys of each Arab market and of the United Kingdom. The Chamber’s Directory contained a full listing of its members.

  • 6 Belgrave Square

    A milestone in the Chamber’s history was its move to new premises at 6 Belgrave Square, where all the separate departments were brought under one roof for the first time. The building was officially inaugurated on 18 September 1985 by the then Secretary of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Lord Howe, and the Arab ambassadors in London.

  • Single market

    With the emergence of the European Union as a single market and a more unified body with regards to trade agreements, the Chamber began to focus more on the European dimension of business and its activities sought to explain the policies of the EU to Arab businesses and policy makers. Britain and other European countries benefited from the rapid growth of the Arab economies which created new opportunities for technology, skills and services.

  • Mayfair

    Following a period of structural modernisation and the outsourcing of a number of its services in response to changing times, the Chamber relocated from its Belgrave Square headquarters to temporary offices in Jermyn Street and then officially opened at its current address at 43 Upper Grosvenor Street in the prestigious Mayfair district of London in May 2006.

  • First female CEO

    Dr Afnan Al-Shuaiby was appointed Secretary General and Chief Executive of the ABCC, becoming the first woman to lead the Chamber.

  • Current CEO

    Mr Bandar Ali Reda is appointed Secretary General & CEO of the ABCC, bringing his wealth of experience in the private sector and in the diplomatic service of his country, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The first challenge that Mr Reda faced on taking up the post was to lead the ABCC through the COVID-19 pandemic during which the Chamber proved its resilience by remaining open and successfully delivering its services to business during the months of lockdown.


ABCC membership provides exclusive networking opportunities such as unlimited complimentary access to most of our high-end events, speaking opportunities, media exposure and various marketing options through our website and publications. Exporters will also benefit from more than 50% reductions in certification fees, s discounts on international trade training courses, notary, and translation services, plus discounts on hiring our prime location venue, as well as access to reliable advice on doing business with the Arab world.